Wednesday, January 09, 2013

UFo or plane Longview Texas 1/5/13

Do you agree with the posters comments that "This video shows a UFO coming out of a patch of woods adjacent to a neighborhood and a highway then proced to morph into what looks like an aircraft" ?
Filmed over  Longview Texas 1/5/13
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Anonymous said...

Yeah that's so weird.. At first it's like some kind of craft I've never seen before. and then its like it turns into a normal plane.. Strange hey ?

Anonymous said...

It is weird!..because how,in his comment,did he know it was going to change into an aircraft,BEFORE it did,secondly,the sound of his excitement over all this, sounded false!? Thirdly,there was NO plane seen,just flashing lights that suggested there was, on his part!?
Did you see a plain? Well I didn't either, no plane, & I don't buy this at all............

Eberhard said...

Where I live, planes fly over here to wait until they can land.

Planes sometimes do look like UFO's at night, with the different lightintensity that is deflected by clouds and changing course, making strange eerie lights sometimes.

I'd like to hear a pilot on this case.

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