Friday, January 11, 2013

UFO OVNIS over Stalin Osuna Valley Mexico January 5, 2013

This huge UFO craft was filmed the town of Stalin Osuna Valley Mexico Mexico on January 5, 2013.
If someone could please provide a translation or transcript of what the man is saying in Spanish as a reply to this post it would be appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

Start of the video, it just says he recorded this in front of his house, which is near a TV antenna and a road, with no one else around. when he speaks, he's just saying he is moving from his current position to a different position. Towards the end of the video, he states he just recorded an object with lights, but no longer can see it.

Anonymous said...

as per the speech...
he says is going to change his position since his hands hurt and doing this (changing position)sometimes works..
at the end he said he was recordign an object that apparently had light on, but he cannot see it anymore, he zoom on an high-frame light structure commenting that are the University lights (and implying they had nothing to compare with the object he was seeing).

Anonymous said...

I am so confused as to why many of thes vids show a completley different object then a sudden frame change to another object. When he first points to the sky a faint object is there then all of a sudden they are in a completly different position looking at a different objec. If u want somebody to bleive your ufo video please film it from befinning to end without the frame nd position and object changes and disease like shaking. Ufo videos piss me off more than they inform us as to whats watching us

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