Saturday, January 12, 2013

UFO lights over Phoenix Arizona 27 Dec 2012

Interesting sighting of hovering likes reminiscent of the 1997 UFO lights over Phoenix. Im interested to know if anyone else in Phoenix also saw these lights around the 27 Dec 2012 ?

Posters comments: Reminds me of the Phoenix lights from 1997. This strange formation coming from the North East Arizona Sky in Phoenix seems to be elevating higher. These unidentified flying objects were in the sky for a long time seeming to float then disappear.
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Anonymous said...

January 16,2013 approx. 7:50 pm we saw the same thing over the West Valley. North West side of the White tank mtns and ciecle toward Gila bend area. One light appeared to rise from below and join the 3 large lights then the lights went off one by one.

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