Monday, April 22, 2013

Daylight UFO Ovni Footage! Zitácuaro, Mexico

This interesting recording during daylight, was filmed over the town of Zitácuaro in Mexico.
You can hear perfectly that the family who is recording this footage, is impressed by the event.
Readers comments much appreciated!
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Anonymous said...

Well I wish he would have stayed still..but does look like something foreign.

Anonymous said...

it s an old vid isnt it?
i believe i saw it few years ago

Luvoz said...

It looks like a ballon in the shape of a ufo, it seems to wobble with breeze as it being pulled back down by a string or rope, the guy filming should really have given the camera to someone without parkinsons.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a balloon being winched down, or maybe a blimp.

601402845 said...


Anonymous said...

Like some other videos,you need to,
"Refine to Define"and then you can view the flying-saucer,but this video was all over the show,and that is irritating,and almost uninteresting,except for a few frames,where you CAN view the Flying-Disc.People need to steady themselves,and view their shot with
focus & deliberation,but unfortunately,it dosen't work out that way...its a quick draw McCoy &
hope for the best...We're all on the end of that!!Our viewing,is in your hands!?...............?

Anonymous said...

Do us all a favor, put the camera down and never touch one again.

Anonymous said...

wenn der kameramann oder frau mal auf dem punkt drauf geblieben wäre hätte man ja auch mal velleicht sehen können ob es sich bewegt. so würde ich sagen super fake

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