Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UFO On Camera - Cleveland, Ohio: 21/04/2013

New UFO video filmed above Cleveland, Ohio:

Source MUFON: Filmers comments: Massive glowing orb as seen through night vision. Watched as it picked up speed - accelerated and vanished into space. Recorded from my backyard.
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Anonymous said...

First of all, I thought it was interesting. However, I would be interested in the weather report in Cleveland that night. Was it clear or cloudy? The stars appear as an in home planetarium. They are too perfectly seen.

Secondly, my suggestion, like a forensic video, it should begin with a point of reference in your backyard such as a chair and film the patio. Then do not shut the camera off, but move the lens to the subject and continue filming. Similarly to the way you ended with a capture of your grass. Although, you were too quick when turning off the camera. It grounds your viewers into reality and the possibility the ufo is also real.

Of course, I understand that getting once in a lifetime film of a possibke ufo, is unexpected and capturing it anyway possible, is a miracle task.

Very nice film.

Unknown said...

I saw a similar sight in Maine one evening; however, there were two orbs, both very bright and were traveling parallel to one another. They did not accelerate as this one did, but they did continue traveling in what appeared to be a straight line until they could no longer be seen, taking approximately 45 seconds to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hi, UFO fans.

The orb looks very much like a satellite
orbiting in the sun's light, and then
moving behind the shadow of the earth.

And the time of day is suitable for
that kind of action. . .

Blue skies.

T. Blank said...

Probably just a satellite entering the earth's shadow giving the illusion of getting smaller, leaving it's orbit

Anonymous said...

Thats look like the ISS fading out during to arrive the earth shadow.

21. April 2013 Brightness -3.0 Time Start 21:48:34 Alt 10° NW
Highest point 21:51:48 54° NNE Time End 21:52:27 44° ENE

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