Friday, April 26, 2013

UFO Sighted! Madison County, Illinois: 04/2013

UFO over Cottage Hills, in Madison County, Illinois. April 2013
Note: looks like nothing in this very shaky footage but fast forward to 0.30 into this film you see the objects:

I was in Cottage Hills IL. With my best friend facing east in my friends driveway, when all of a sudden we both noticed a strange light in the the sky. I immediatly took out my smartphone and began recording.Then all of a sudden above the original object. 3 more appeared in a formation. Note there is a local small airport. (Stl Regional Airport) less than 2 miles away from where I am standing, and these objects that are appearing.I lived there almost all my life. I know what small planes land there and the sounds the make.These objects were hovering silently. shortly after I did hear helicopters getting closer to the area where the objects were last seen. right about this time was the last time I saw the objects they just vanished. I am 100% convinced these objects were not man made. I am not the only person who seen the phenom. i posted the video on facebook and several of my friends seen the same light as i did from different locations. I first noticed the object cause of the size and light, and it not moving and flashing
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