Monday, April 29, 2013

Bizarre Lights - Roseville, California: 26/04/2013

Opinions are divided on what these hovering lights could be. Were they remote controlled toys?

Filmers comments:
Was driving home home with wife & kids. Decided to take a road home that was darkened instead of the freeway because I was hoping the kids would fall asleep. When I saw the lights, I thought they were helicopters flying around because some of them seemed to have spotlights (sorry, I didnt get any footage of that part) Then I saw the way they were flying and knew helicopters don't fly like that. I pulled over, took out my iphone and filmed.
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Anonymous said...

Remote controlled toys!?..It appears,the lights go out,on the turn away from us............

TeKnology said...

Rc planes, I can see that is what they are by the way they fly and I could also see the shape of the plane towards the end of the video. Ufo orbs are almost always more yellow or gold colored. These objects have a nice bright white light from what I can see.

I fly rc planes, helicopters and quad rotors, all of which can move just like the objects in this video.

I have been flying for years. The range on the current rc aircraft is crazy. The lights are usually el wire or leds. Both can be VERY bright.

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