Saturday, May 04, 2013

UFO Drops Orbs In Wales, Crop Field: 27/04/2013

An amazed cameraman get the catch of his life that makes him a strong UFO believer, This amazing footage was recorded over Wales in the UK, above a well known crop field the ufo appears to be dropping orbs from a few thousand feet above land:
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Anonymous said...

Looks like airplanes on final for landing,
and they lower their landing gear, so
this makes the big spotlights appear.

Blue skies.

Anonymous said...

I might have said the same as "Anonymous above" but for one thing!?..

How do you explain the two lights merging together as one,then "SECONDS" later,one appears way
above the other!? I mean airplanes don't,or I should say, can't do that in seconds,JUST APPEAR
unless,there was "THREE" you might be thinking,and the one above, had just turned their lights on, for that final approach for landing!?

But for me..I don't know!? It just doesn't look quite convincing for aircraft on that final approach,to appear, in quite that way!?................

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