Saturday, May 04, 2013

UFOs Merging? - Lake Van, Turkey.

Not sure what to make of this news. The man speaking does own his local newspaper, so it's great PR for him. This interview is in Turkish and translation is provided below.
Some have mentioned that the object photographed on the lake, was infact a boat, possibly resting on the lake bed in low tide. Please leave any comments, as a reply to this post.

Self-owner of the local weekly newspaper, Murat Çurku Messenger, was to take pictures of a picnic on Sunday went to the beach pier located on the shores of Lake Van. Çurku wandering around taking pictures on the beach for a while, the pier dominating the coast of the northern part of Lake Van, near the island of Çarpanak attracted the attention of an object. The object changed shape and moved to the cloud. Çurku began to photograph it.
 Çurku was astonished and said: "The weather was beautiful, and I went to take pictures of the coast pier, I saw an object around Carpanak Island. At first I did not pay more attention, but then I saw the shape of the object bein to move." He added: I've never seen anything like that in my life. I was confused. I do not know what the object was, but I would say UFO."
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Anonymous said...

heh that is an island in the lake.

Anonymous said...

An Island in the lake?..I suspect,this could be right!? The profile of this so called not an exact shape,we would expect to see in a flying saucer,but instead we see the irregularity around the edge,that would be more fitting for a photo of an Island,not a disc
above the This looks like the result of someones ufo. joke on Lake Van, Turkey.

Don't give up you day job!:).....It is! an amazing shape though,"for an Island" and more than likely not the only one around in the world...........................

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