Friday, May 03, 2013

UFOs On Tape! New York: 30/04/2013

Did anyone else in New York witness this incredible event?
Note: please view in full screen.
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Source: MUFON
Filmers comments:
I'll keep this short, On April 30th around 9pm est I saw what 3 crafts that I wrote off as Helicopters. I did not investigate due to I didn't have anything to record it with. 
On May 1st, 2013 they was back. They appeared to be about 6 in a cluster and when one headed north towards Manhattan another would come in and take it's place. 
Later in evening a chopper was in the air viewing them at a distance. When they came close he backed up. I get the impressing they were about the same size as the chopper. 
In my video attached, you will witness a Tri fly by. 
My feelings has changed overnight about being excited when I saw one to being concerned. 
Never lost sight, they were in a 1 mile cluster for hours till I could watch anymore. 
My brother came up on the roof and is my witness. 

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