Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jaime Maussan Speaks On TV About Latest UFO Cases!

Jaime Maussan on the TV show, Televisa Sabadazzo, showcases the latest in UFO evidence.
April 20, 2013:
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Anonymous said...

"Jaime Maussan is a promoter and supporter of various UFO hoaxes. He constantly claims to have scientific proof, but never seems able to produce it when asked. He claimed to have radar tapes confirming UFOs in Mexico airspace. He was reportedly asked for the tapes but they never came to fruition. He supported the Hale-Bopp UFO hoax made infamous via Art Bell and Courtney Brown. He told people at a 1996 UFO conference that some stars in the sky were actually giant UFOs hovering in space above the planet. He said this was the reason the stars shifted position in sky! He sold an infamous tape of a daylight UFO to a television network for a reported $120,000 - the tape was proven to be a hoax. Maussan has also supported the Billy Meier UFO fraud. Maussan is now best known for his promotion of the shameless Reed UFO Fraud. Maussan claims to have scientific proof of the Reed UFO Fraud - again, he has yet to produce it. He will jump the gun and claim a bogus alien photo is real without proper investigation. Maussan had the gall to call 'ufo watch dog dot com' amateurish and funny, but I recall this so-called amateur exposing the Reed UFO Fraud that was sitting right under Maussan's nose. So, Jaime, what ever did happen to your supposed investigation showing "Dr. Reed" to be real? Beware of so-called journalists that don't report all of the facts...it is indeed a wonder why anyone would give Maussan a grain of credibility. Let's just hope that a real case of importance never finds its way to Maussan...God help us if it does...clowns belong in the circus, not doing investigations!"

travellinjack said...

You have been busy mudslinging tonight. Perhaps you are the clown in the covert operation to cover real ET's on Earth. Perhaps you are paid to debunk stories making others look silly and stupid.
What is really ironic, is that you throw stick and stones at people like Dr. Greer, Jamie Maussan, and others instead of joining the investigation and pulling together with your fellow humans in this reality which you choose to poke fun at. Good luck with your future.

Anonymous said...

In reply to 'travellinjack' at 2:24am.
Firstly, let me say that I believe that SOME UFOs are alien craft but by no means all and I am NO paid debunker of UFOs. However, I am very much a debunker of charlatans and frauds like Mr. Maussan who, by their ongoing shenanigans, only succeed in making a laughing stock of the UFO subject. What I have stated about Mr. Maussan is true. Why can't you accept that? Is he some kind of a sacred cow to you that you can't stand seeing him being smashed to pieces? What I stated are all verifiable facts. The man is a fraud so accept that. It is people like Mr. Maussan who bring the UFO subject into ridicule and a topic of fun and laughter in the mainstream media, ('little green men, ha, ha, ha'!). I have lost count of the number of times that I have seen the final item on the TV news to be a story concerning a UFO sighting and the presenters announcing it with a silly grin on their faces and a reference to 'little green men'. Before the media will take the subject of UFOs seriously clowns like Jaime Maussan and many others as well should be made to put up or shut up. Incidentally, it's strange that you say, 'I throw stick and stones at people like Dr. Greer, Jamie Maussan and others', as I never mentioned Dr. Greer!

Anonymous said...

Twice now!..Obviously this Mushroom is attemting to debunk the forestry of Ufology haha! but Jaimes tree, stands STRONG:)

He must be getting close to a nerve,and this Toadstools got one.......

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at:11:28am.

Anonymous,What makes you think we should take any credence to your smearing of Jamie Maussans reputation,even though you say,its all verifiable.Verifiable with whom
exactly,while YOU! stay anonymous &
Jamie Maussan is up front & out in the open for you to take pot shots at him anoymously!? Who do you think you are, to come onto this site, RealUfos: and say what you have,anonymously! and expect the readers here,to believe you.If there was anything near what you say about Jamie Maussan,then WHY does RealUfos KEEP showing is work that you ANONYMOUSLY say can be VERIFIED.I got to say,in all the years that I've been on this site,I have never heard anything about Jamie Maussan,as outrageous as your comments of him."NEVER!!"
So why should we believe you!! Anoymously!?..............Mushroom!

Realist said...

Re: Anonymous at 1:13pm.
You are a typical example of: "If you can't attack the data, attack the people, it's easier!" Do you automatically believe everything Jaime Maussan says about UFOs? If you do then you are very foolish indeed. Why don't you come out of your childhood fantasies and wake up to reality and realise that a very large number of people in the UFO world are frauds who do a great disservice to the subject and who are also responsible for it continuing to be a media laughing stock, prolonging the possibility of any serious public debate/disclosure? You said, "Twice now!..Obviously this Mushroom is attemting to debunk the forestry of Ufology haha! but Jaimes tree, stands STRONG:)" (sic). You are very wrong. I am not attempting to debunk ufology at all. Are you not capable of understanding written English? Go back and read the first line of my reply to 'travellinjack'. As regards Jaime's tree standing strong, I'm afraid he is suffering from a serious case of 'Dutch elm disease' - ROTFL! You said, "He must be getting close to a nerve,and this Toadstools got one......." (sic). I think I have got close to a nerve with you as you bothered to write your petty little 32 word primary school essay! You are clearly not capable of reasoned debate, certainly not in written form anyway, without resorting to petty insults - Mushroom!

Realist said...

Re: Anonymous At 10:09am.
You said, "What makes you think we should take any credence to your smearing of Jaime Maussan's reputation...?" (sic). Well, I say to you, what makes you think that you can believe what Mr. Maussan tells you about UFOs? Do you trust him so much that you don't bother to get any kind of verification of what he states? You said, "Jamie Maussan is up front & out in the open..." He isn't the only fraud who is 'up front and out in the open' viz, Andrew Basiago, Dr. Stephen Greer, Richard C. Hoagland, Linda Moulton Howe, David Icke, Bob Lazar, John Lear, and I could go on but I think that is sufficient! You said, "Who do you think you are, to come onto this site, RealUfos: and say what you have,anonymously!and expect the readers here,to believe you." (sic). Oh dear, I really have angered you haven't I? Well, I am a person who is very interested in the UFO subject and I believe that a very small percentage of UFO sightings are real alien craft. I do not expect the readers here to believe me but I hope that I might cause some of them to be a lot more critical and discerning about the garbage that is spouted by some of the self styled gurus in this particular field. You said, "WHY does RealUfos KEEP showing is work that you ANONYMOUSLY say can be VERIFIED." (sic). Real UFOs publish anything new that comes up in the UFO field no matter what the content is. Being published on Real UFOs doesn't automatically give credibility to the material or people depicted. You said, "I got to say,in all the years that I've been on this site,I have never heard anything about Jamie Maussan,as outrageous as your comments of him."NEVER!!" (sic). WOW, I really seem to have touched a nerve with you all right! It would seem that good old Jaime is your sacred cow indeed. I hope I have succeeded in giving you a 'wake up call' not to easily believe what you are told by the various chancers, bluffers, limelight seekers and money grabbers who have, unfortunately, infiltrated the UFO community. When you hear Jaime, or anyone else claiming to 'know' about a particular UFO case, don't be content until you have seen the evidence for yourself. By calling me a 'mushroom' you are letting yourself down very badly as it's obvious that you can't handle the truth nor are you willing to research these people for yourself and, of course, it is once again a case of, "If you can't attack the data attack the people, it's easier!" Finally, you stress quite a lot about me posting anonymously. You have posted anonymously here yourself. Have you never heard the expression, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"? Mushroom!

Anonymous said...

Realist at 12:46pm.Hahahaha!lol

Well you really do have it bad,don't you!?We did expect a comment from you, but you wrote us a letter,that went right off the screen!Hahahaha!and you never signed it,you mushroom!!

It does not matter what you say at all,because it is now obvious to us, that you oppose those, who stand for Ufology,the very people we all acquire information from,on the UFO. & ET. subject.You blew it, when in your opinion,you claim that:

Jaime Maussan-Andrew Basiago,Dr.Stephen Greer,Richard C. Hoagland,Linda Moulton Howe,David Icke,Bob Lazar. are fraudulent!!..you say!

All these people,over the years, have been posted here on RealUfos blog.RIGHT?..RealUfos.claim to have, Breaking Ufo News.Genuine sightings,& real reports.Right?

Now tell me this,should the Viewers of RealUfos. believe YOU! OR this BLOG? I for one,choose RealUfos!!! for what they advertise in truth.What do YOU bring to this site? Nothing but Anonymous accusations against the people you have mentioned,whom! are a HUGE part of Ufology..When you do THAT!..you bring RealUfos.in to question!? and as for your expression of:..People in glass houses,shouldn't throw stones,just remember,YOU threw the first stone,at the representatives,of Ufology, [by name].Whom in your own words:.."If you can't attack the data,attack the People"..This is exactly what YOU have done,BY NAME!!you hypocritical mushroom!!..Yes,most of us are Anonymous,and it will remain that way,but we don't go out of our way to smear someone by name,BUT with the exception of ONE!?..........?

Obed said...

Earthlinks species, it is time for you to know the truth,for the truth been among you seen the beginning of your existence and ours, but your world leaders do not allow it for self beneficial reasons.

Earthlinks' like the so called Jaime Maussan are only taking advantage of the confusing topic your world leaders have created and he is simply making a living out of it. Very few of it is true but the majority has been modified to divert the truth so he can continue making profit, as many others of your species continue doing. You'd a know your kind better. This is such a distinguished characteristics the you earthlinks have adapted too for this world you've created. That being said, it has become understandable to us because you do it as a survival mechanism within your own world.

You'd made it far like this, surprisingly, but still far from reaching the logical perception and understanding of intergalactic relations compared to other civilizations around your own galaxy had have accomplished.

To put it in words that you all will understand;
You are in kindergarten, while you neighbor stars are phd graduates w/ honors and accommodations.

We are real but far different from what your premature imagination perceive of us. We just wish you'd be more honest among your own self. For which you can not trust each other, so cant we. You are not yet a civilized civilization.

- The Eye.
We'll keep an eye on you till we deem you ready for contact.

Anonymous said...

Eye-eye!..Captain, at 2:54PM

But in part,what you say is somewhat true! it is a "survival mechanism" that has been hoisted upon us, by those who keep pushing up the cost of living..MEANING..the pressure is on all of us, to get the [$] where we can,even if it means, with DECEPTION!!! You see it everywhere!..for example..the price of an item: [ONLY $499] - for Gods sake its $500 in effect, and we think its a good deal to get off with $1.00 its DECEPTION, a LURE to buy for ONLY [$499]
Woopy-do! Are we THAT hooked that we allow our selves to be attracted to a DECEPTIVE LURE! of [ONLY $499] to save $1

If so! we have just emptied our account of $500 less $1.00 when we could have tried to buy the item for half the price:) or go somewhere else!?..I never buy what I don't need,and like others, look for a real-deal, like: FREE!:)
I love FREE!..But wait on here!..On the net,you can be LURED to downloading a program FREE!..Run the program,and it will find all kinds of errors for you, FREE! It says FIX IT! you hit the button, and wait for it!....TO FIX THESE ERRORS,YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS PROGRAM FOR:..and GET THIS!!..ONLY $49.59 God dam it,even FREE has a price!! So maybe we won't talk about DECEPTION anymore,other than to say:..Even in the animal kingdom, DECEPTION, REIGNS! for survival, which IS something to think about, but why do we have to?..Well, we're under pressure just to survive,and when FREE ENERGY arrives,ha!ha! will it be FREE???:)..We'd like to think so..Well, we've got to buy it!???..[$499]:) SOLD!.............................We need it!?

Do you guys up there have price increases or FREE? if free, COME ON DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Correction!!..[FREE ENERGY Generator] when it comes out! Will be about: $4099.99 = Five grand:.......BUY IT:)!?
Never mind the marketing deception..4 looks cheaper than 5..if you need it,buy it............................

Anonymous said...

Jaime Maussan is the greatest investigator in this issue.

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