Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Parallel UFOs Witnessed! Auckland, New Zealand: 13/04/2013

Filmers comments:
Ufo's, about 7 of them seen in Mirangi Bay on the North Shore. They appeard to be just out in the bay and low in the sky. The Ufo's were much brighter than what was captured on my smart phone. Can anyone share any similar experiences?
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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but if I keep seeing these Da..m chinese lanterns on your site I will have to unsubscibe after all these years my friend...nuff said

travellinjack said...

Those are not lanterns! I was there I know what I saw.

Anonymous said...

I've got to say,I don't see them as Chinese Lantens, any more than those who viewed & shot this.They're just small dots of light,that might be Chinese Lantens,but not viewed as such,and in my opinion,a waste of time.I think the general idea for posting
is, what if they are not Chinese Lantens,then what are they? Keeps you thinking:)...and yes,a little

Anonymous said...

I live in Mairangi Bay and have seen many UFOs in the area since 2006. Both during the day and night. I had a close encounter with a triangle dark grey craft approx 200metres above me and my daughter early 2012. We were out walking at 2100hrs and stopped at Murrays Bay beach and saw 2 orange orbs coming towards us. The first dimmed its light and went out completely as it descended over the water. It either hovered or submerged as I lost sight of it. The second turned its light out, changed its flight path and went directly over the top of us. We could clearly see its shape and it had a small red light rotating underneath it. Both craft were completely silent. Since the encounters I have been photographing UFOs consistantly and have had many interesting experiences.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:35AM..

Its interesting to read your account of sightings in Mairangi Bay! We were a resident,some years ago in Mt.ALbert about a half hour drive as you know,from where you reside in Mairangi Bay!..and at that time,WE as a family were traveling along Mt.Albert the direction of Mt.Albert it self..Right at the top of Mt.Albert, we saw this bright white light.Thinking it was only an aircraft of sorts,took no more notice of it, but did think the light was a bit brighter than we've seen before. We drove on just about to the Mt.Albert shops, and this light, turns bright orange, the size of a street light across the other side of the Rd..Well that did it! Brakes on & parked!!
We all get out of the car, and stared at this thing....what on earth could it be, we were all wondering!?

By now, it appeared to be very high up,Bright orange & you could j u s t make out a sparkling effect,like a flame sparkling,is as close as I can remember.As I said,about the size of a street light across the Rd.Travelling West to East, up high, no sound! if there was,I never heard over the traffic noise,and it wasn't that noisy!? It slowly moved to the East until out of sight. Others saw this,from across the Rd.and to this day, none of us, have any idea what it was we were seeing that late afternoon.Of cause, you could say UFO. but what would that mean DEFINITIVELY!?

It seems these orange orbs are still with us to this day!..I too! have had, and are still having,what I would say, miraculous experiences,and can not explain what I've witnessed at all, but grateful for it!?....I'm left with:

WHAT THE!!....? and can only smile, what else can you do?..there are no explanations for what I see.I had a witness with me on one occasion,and they were as dumb struck as I!! And even they, could not explain the event.It still goes on from time to time,It must be as simple as saying: WE ARE NOT ALONE!

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