Wednesday, June 05, 2013

UFO Appears! Rocha, Uruguay: 27/04/2013

This is a repost as the original UFO video was removed at the time:
 On April 27th 2013, residents of Rocha in Uruguay, witnessed a large and intensely bright light traveling across the night sky. The local media suggested it may be a meteor, however, this object was moving much too slowly, and stayed in the sky far too long, to be a mere shooting star.

Note: If anyone can provide further translation of this video it would be appreciated as a reply to this post.
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David Hammond said...

The UFO was seen in the area of Valizus in Uruguay's Department of Rocha. (Departments are administrative subdivisions counties or states). This is a very rural area of the Atlantic Cost - out of the way of just about everything.

I have lived in Uruguay for six years. I write a blog about interesting people and things going on. I have heard of several UFOs seen along the Uruguay River. This is the first I have personally leard of in Rocha. There are not not very many people living in that area.

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