Sunday, June 02, 2013

Flare Drop? UFOS? Strange Activity On US Coastal Town

Strange UFO video. What's going on here? Is it a flare drop? Your comments appreciated.

Posters comments
Tony Grubber Records a UFO Saucer using a weapon what is unknown to humans over the U.S, The UFO thats very low over the area with no sound or means of levitation and its saucer shape with port lights that are fully visible and its ejecting hundreds of odd lights in different colours like a sort of night effectivement.. UFODI have this as a great event, This footage is spectacular for night time footage, dont miss this!
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Anonymous said...

Wow this is a very different sighting; almost like fireworks but obviously not. Great footage! What the heck is it??

Anonymous said...

It looks similar to a flare drop,but whatever is in the way,seems to explode & disintegrate in amazing
colors! wow...what have we got here?....a war!?

ED Grimsley, talks about this kind of night viewing, that he and others have witnessed.I would say, this is not the first time, nor the last!? He doesn't know who is fighting who,though!!...

He wonders if its ET.against ET. OR ETs.& Humans, against other ETs. or maybe ETs against HUMANS!???
Could this be what the "Secret Space program" is up against? and we are in more trouble than we know!
After all,..this could explain the Truth-Embargo!!...........................?

Anonymous said...

We clearly see the double exhaust jet,
with its afterburners ON, and changing
direction, while droping flares !!

Blue skies.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is its a bad sign..scary shit!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!..What?..double exhaust jet,with its afterburners ON!..The posters comment was: NO SOUND!!!
and the comment stated: "Saucer shaped with port lights" using a weapon! not only that,but over a
"US. coastal town??"lol nice try!:)..but yes! clearly see the double exhaust..curious that!.........

Thomas Karner said...

It seems to be a "flare bomb" with a parachute. Source:

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