Tuesday, June 04, 2013

That's Odd! UFO Releases Spheres?

Filmed on the 31st May 2013 over Mexico city - no one seems to have any idea what the strange burning cylinder object is? It seems be releasing debris or 'orbs'. If anyone has any further information on this video please reply to this post:

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Anonymous said...

SUGGESTIONS!....to what the strange cylinder, MIGHT be releasing..........

Waste material! Particularly if there is Ship damage!? I have heard,what had been witnessed, and appeared to be Like: "DRIPPING LIQUID METAL!"..? This was seen from a HUGE crashed egg shaped CRAFT!!!

This military Person was asked to find, & stand guard! He said: Man! this thing was huge!:)
as he quietly was freaking out,with what he was witnessing. He said he could hear a distinguishable, deep hum, as this thing slowly wound down to a stop,as it dripped this, what appeared to be: LIQUID METAL,that moved in a strange way! with oil like colors, hard to explain he said!? The story goes on, but for now, my focus is on the DRIPPING LIQUID METAL, witnessed.My point hear,is this!..if this craft had not crashed,and was dripping this so called liquid metal, would it have been seen, the same as in this video??? just a point!...?

Other possibilities!..Probes, Shuttle craft, Orbs on a mission, Weapons systems, Escape pods,
New technology,unknown to us........................?:)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent missing people in that city? People have said they appear before/during tragic events. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Orb drones, they fly very fast while spinning creating there own energy from gravity

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