Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Incredible Triangle UFO Ovnis Above Fátima, Portugal: 3/06/2013

This interesting video shows what looks like Triangle UFO shape hovering over Fátima, Portugal on the 3rd of June, 2013:

ovnis portugal
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Anonymous said...

Do a search on NOSS in orbit.

Blue skies.

Anonymous said...

NOSS in orbit?.."They are still in orbit,They have been lost,so that is why the obital data
is old"....STRANGE!!!.......LOST???..Secret Space?..Blue skies!.............?:)

M. J. Wallace said...

Who are you? Calling yourself Anonymous, you are NOT Anonymous! You are a paid UFC debunker perhaps? You do a search on Ezekiel's Wheel and attempt to tell us that it is a government service object. Go sit down.

Anonymous said...

M.J.Wallace at 3:35am

Its a QUOTE, with a question mark..? Wallace! Put your GLASSES ON!! The statement is already on the net,as Anonymous at 4:10am suggested: "Do a search on NOSS in orbit"..........?
Blue skies....Don't you find the statement curious?..I mean how do you get lost in space &
wind up with obital data that's old? Strange! unless, its part of the Secret Space Program,

NASA's. Astronauts don't get lost! RIGHT? .......................think man!! its a question.

Bathtub said...

Stars, planets - and probably satellites and/or planes. The one thing I don't see is a triangle ufo.

Anonymous said...

Light on each corner and shadow of outline can be seen. Definite Triangle UFO. I have seen close up 2 years ago in wiltshire from below. Hovering, silent, low altitude,then left area at rapid rate of knots. dIDN'T HAVE CAMERA AT TIME ANNOYING.
I believe latest version USA stealth aircraft possibly?
Rob H - Wiltshire

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