Friday, August 23, 2013

New Stephenville Texas UFO Radar Data Video

Cast you mind back to one of the most widely talked about UFO sightings of 2008 - the Stephenville, Texas sighting. The sighting was seen by many over multiple days and drew mass media attention.
It took, the FAA five weeks after the FOIA requests were sent out after January 16 to release Radar data to Mufon. Many assume this delay was due to the vacinity of Bush's Crawford Ranch to the sighting.
Now a new program has been used using this data to show what the skies looked like around Stephenville, Texas, on January 8, 2008.Rob Jeffs has bundled the 2.8 million radar returns MUFON acquired from five FAA and National Weather Service sites, and recreated moving images of the air traffic over central Texas from 4-8 p.m. on Jan. 8, 2008. Applying a radar video of that evening and a superimposed a map under the radar animation,  annotations were added to show witness locations and the unknown tracks on radar. This make the video a handy tool to allow us to see the path taken by the UFO during that night.
The radar analysis and information shown is from "Stephenville Lights: A Comprehensive Radar and Witness Report Study" by Glen Schulze and Robert Powell.
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