Monday, August 19, 2013

Unusual hovering UFO lights over lake Michigan August 2013

A series of UFO videos of some strange hovering orbs over lake Michigan August 2013. Filmed August 2013. If you have also seen UFOs in this area please let us know and respond to this post.
You may want to view these videos in full screen mode:
Note if they were simply lights from boats in then the lights would not appear above the moon in the horizon.
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Tom H. said...

My wife woke me up this morning at 0200 to cone outside and look at these "strange bright twinkling stars" that were moveing slowly over our house under the thong cloud line. I went outside to view them and they were no longer visible. She said there were numerous (about ten or so) not in any fornation. She stood and watched them and debated about waking me up (I worked early this morning) and eventually decided I had to see them. This afternoon I dod some research and learned they were seen last evening over Lake Michigan, then later around 2315 in Battle Creek, and then early this morning above our house at 0200. It appears they were moving in an Easterly direction. We reside in Milford Michigan in Child's Lake Estates around Pontiac Trail and Old Plank Road.

82mommaH said...

I am in Milford, MI. While staring at the sky this morning around 2 am I saw 2 unusual stars that were brighter and flickered more than normal, which went away after a few minutes. I also saw a shooting star while I watched them, so I assumed they were just some sort of meteor. As some small clouds passed over I could still see the stars and they appeared to be dangling from the clouds. It was the coolest thing I have seen and had to wake my SO because he is an avid sky "observer" but they were gone by the time he got out.

Glenn Bugala said...

My girlfriend and I saw orbs around Cross Village on Friday night, August 23, 2013. The came in from the south, moving quickly, then stopping and starting, then moving away to the west. They were amber and circular, and non-definable even through binoculars. They were 8x brighter than Venus. There was no sound. There were seven that moved past us in turn, and they followed the same path. Each traverse took about five minutes each.

Gabbymomof3 said...

I hate to burst your bubble guys, but I've been seeing things like this for most of my life. I grew up living on the Wisconsin shore of the lake, near the Manitowoc/Sheboygan county line. I still live in the area, and when the kids see these things, I just tell them its a satellite. Think it's just a coincidence that a chunk of Sputnik came down in the middle of Manitowoc on 9-6-62? Many think it's proof that they've been here for a long time, so chill out and get used to it.

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