Monday, August 19, 2013

UFO ovni near Popocatépetl volcano Mexico August 16, 2013

Popocatépetl seems to be a never ending area of UFO activity. We have posted numerous UFO videos from the area with activity over the last year being the most active.
The area is a no fly zone for all aircraft.
In this recent video the filmer catches this bright orb at night:
Filmers comments: This interesting UFO ( ovnis ) sighting of a large spherical object in the distance that was filmed and was near the volcanoes of Puebla. You could say it was near the Popocatepetl volcano as the filming is hard to see the volcano crater illuminated by the night vision system that is applied after filming the object in the normal system near the volcano and then fades on three occasions, is an area of ​​great considering the distance that we encontravamos the time of filming, is a large area that was under the clouds appearing and disappearing, we had a spectacular view of the object and of Popocatepetl , is an excellent film of an object nearby and vanishing at the time of filming for three times.
The hovering orb above is very similar to objects seen below hovering near the volcano back in July:

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