Sunday, December 22, 2013

UFO or meteor ? mysterious crash Santee San Diego County Dec 17th

Santee residents reported seeing a mysterious object falling from the sky on Dec. 17, 2013.
If any realUfos readers witnessed this recent event please reply to this post with your description of what you saw.
Experts believe the object could have been a meteor. Note this is not the first such event over Santee - prevously in May a report came in of a falling object from the sky.
News report

Officials received calls from residents of San Diego County reporting something falling from the sky early Tuesday.San Diego County Sheriff's Department received several calls reporting something in the sky over State Route 52 at Mission Gorge in Santee.

Deputies checked the area where witnesses claimed to see something fall to the ground just before 5 a.m. They told NBC 7 there were no aircraft missing or overdue at the nearby Gillespie Field.

Heartland firefighters assisted in the search and said they are considering the reports unfounded, believing the object may have been a meteor.
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