Thursday, December 26, 2013

UFO video over Boise Idaho 24th december 2013

UFO video over Boise Idaho, Please note if you live in the surrounding areas please reply to this post with details of your ufo sighting.
Driving home when my wife and I saw a red light in the sky. It caught my eye because I am always looking up for strange lights. I asked my wife what she thought and she recommended that we pull over so I did. When we pulled over I could tell that it wasnt moving because I judged it through my view through the trees. I told my wife that we should hurry home and grab the video camera and hopefully it would still be there. Got home ran inside grabbed my camera and got it into view just in time to see it drop another orb but this one was flashing. It was moving down slowly then stopped and almost seemed to come back up. Then the flashing object went back down and stopped for a second then shot down to the ground. I didnt realize the speed of the objects decent until watching the video back in slow motion. It was like a bullet and didnt make a sound. After the second object was out of view I zoomed in on the initial object and it flickered and blinked out.
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Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing. I was off Hill road - the light was in the north east area of the sky - as if you were looking towards Table Rock.

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