Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sighting! UFO Visits Houston, Texas: 25/12/2013

These parallel UFO orbs were filmed over Houston, Texas on the 25th December, 2013.
Note: You must view this video in full screen to see the 2 orbs.  Please ignore the lens dust specs in the foreground.

Source: MUFON
At approximately 1:40/45 in the morning I was sitting in my truck in a parking lot talking with a friend. He pointed out the driver window and said "what is that?" I looked and saw 5-6 small red/orange lights flying in the air. My first thought was reflection on my window so I rolled it down but that wasnt it. We got out and watched as they flew in a loose formation. The lights appeared to flicker slightly not flash or remain constant as aircraft. There was no noise at all. I was watching the brightest one in the back when my friend said the front ones just faded away. A few seconds later the last one faded away as well. There were clouds and they did appear to fade into the clouds but there was no visible light behind the clouds. Approximately 10-12 min later I saw the lights reappear again with no noise. Again they were in a loose formation and again faded away. They were not simply floating randomly but were directed somehow. There were fewer the second time. Video was taken with iPhone 5s.
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Anonymous said...

Which light were we supposed to have been watching.??

jothebutcher82 said...

December 25 2013

I saw the same thing here in Orlando Florida Avalon Park. My girlfriend and I were walking my dog and I looked up and saw these three orange red lights in a triangle formation and a fourth light going straight up in the air. They eventually disappeared. I was shocked to say the least. I've seen videos of sightings before and I was always skeptical. After walking the dog we went to go grab some food and as we were driving my girlfriend said babe there are those lights again. I pulled over immediately got out of the car and watched. This time there was five lights flying in a completely different pattern. Im still in awe at what I saw Christmas night.

Anonymous said...

The lights over Houston originated in Whispering Pines subdivisionin Baytown. I was captivated too at first until I watched two paper lanterns rise from my neighbors yard and following the exact same path in the sky as the four others I was intently observing. Paper lanterns, not UFO's people.

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