Friday, December 15, 2006

Sensitive ufos videos being removed from Youtube!

In a move that has shocked many, numerous UFO videos are now being removed from Youtube, the internet video site. On a daily basis these ufos videos, particularly, the ones most sensisitve in nature are being pulled from the video site for no known reason. In what is seen as mass censorship, Youtube has not commented on why this is happening only stating that some videos breach copyright.
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●•◊•● □ Drinker □ ●•◊•● said...


Try this:



notepad said...

YouTube as well as Blogspot are both run by the CIA controlled Google.


Create your own website, then capture & convert YouTube videos (and others) to files that you can upload to your hosted domain.

Don't depend on Google to do anything other than spy on you and censor information.

Anonymous said...

Another installment of absolute control by the one wold Reich!

Anonymous said...

Iit is up to the collective and concerned American citizenry to insist on our right to know what we decide we must know!

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