Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jamie Maussan on the news

Jamie Maussan, gives his views on ufos on a news channel
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OMNI said...

Great Blog. Why isn't anyone commenting on these vids anyway?

As a Mexican, I have my doubts on Mr. Maussan. I recently went to one of his presentations, to tell the truth, he was pretty low on UFO material, pimpin' his presentation up with music and pretty graphics to steal some time. He also has a weekly TV show on Sundays where only 10 minutes of the full hour show is dedicated to UFOs and there still, he only shows photographs, no vids. He's been proven false several times in Mexico on some material he swears is true. Nonetheless he's a good source for new stuff here in Mexico whenever there is something of interest.

Anonymous said... has some of the best ufos and history on them

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