Sunday, December 02, 2007

Peter Davenport: UFOs Do Exist, Government Hiding The Facts

Peter Davenport is a prominent scientist and Stanford graduate who claims UFOs do exist and the government is hiding information from the general public.
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Me said...

Just a little heads up. Diana Blackburn is having her footage analyzed by professionals as I type this. I've talked to her via email, and she said that she has been having trouble with her email the past few days. Also, her Youtube video was collecting a few thousand hits a day, and then last night it suddenly "died". No hits were being counted, comments virtually stopped. At one point you could simple type UFO in a search and get her video, and now nothing shows. The counter started back up but seems to stall. Now, this could be nothing, and he email problems could be from a high volume of inquiries... but it still sounds weird. There seems to be no doubt that she caught something a little strange... I really think there needs to be as much attention put on this video as possible.. even reposting it and such. If it turns out to be nothing.. then oh shoot. But the more attention the better, because my intuition tells me someone is trying to slow down it's progress. I recently posted it on my blog and Facebook.. and I don't even run a UFO blog.

me 2 said...

Yeah, Jeff Ritzman is having a look at it now! This girl needs the UFO communities support!

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