Monday, September 08, 2008

Large Hadron Collider turned on September 10th

Guys many people worldwide are watching with caution (as in my previous post) as the Large Hadron Collider is turned on shortly this week on September 10th in Geneva:

The world's biggest, most highly-anticipated physics experiment comes online this week, as the first beam of particles begins to circulate around a 17-mile underground racetrack that lies beneath France and Switzerland.

The $9 billion Large Hadron Collider, 20 years in the making, represents the work of at least 7,000 scientists from 60 countries, including a contingent from the Boston area that spent years, or entire careers, working on this project.

Their excitement is testimony to the importance of the mission: to recreate in an underground tunnel the conditions of the early universe, just a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang. From that, they hope to fill in gaps in physics knowledge, search for hidden dimensions, and understand why particles have mass.
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As explained before there are massive safety issues which plague the collider, ranging from creating a black hole on earth to earth quakes and even a massive explosion:
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Anonymous said...

I love all this doom and gloom that comes from ignorant assholes like this.
Through mankinds history scientists have been crucified by the ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Just think without science and technology etc... we will still be in the dark ages... some people just love to use fear to sell their propaganda...

Semvhu said...

Scientists also created abominations such as the atomic bomb. Maybe there's a reason some people "crucify" scientists.

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