Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hackers attack the Large Hadron Collider LHC and the CMS network is hacked

The safety of the Large Hadron Collider is again in question as hackers have reached entry into the CMS module of facility and hacked it. If they have progressed just one step further they could have reaked havoc if a collision test was in progress:

Below an extract from this Article
Now it has emerged that, as the first particles were circulating in the machine near Geneva, a Greek group had hacked into the facility and displayed a page with the headline "GST: Greek Security Team."

The people responsible signed off: "We are 2600 - dont mess with us. (sic)"

The website - - can no longer be accessed by the public as a result of the attack. (see below image which the hackers put up)

Scientists working at Cern, the organisation that runs the vast smasher, were worried about what the hackers could do because they were "one step away" from the computer control system of one of the huge detectors of the machine, a vast magnet that weighs 12,500 tons, measuring around 21 metres in length and 15 metres wide/high.

If they had hacked into a second computer network, they could have turned off parts of the vast detector and, said the insider, "it is hard enough to make these things work if no one is messing with it."

Fortunately, only one file was damaged but one of the scientists firing off emails as the CMS team fought off the hackers said it was a "scary experience".

The hackers targeted the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment, or CMS, one of the four "eyes" of the facility that will be analysing the fallout of the Big Bang.
The CMS team of around 2,000 scientists is racing with another team that runs the Atlas detector, also at Cern, to find the Higgs particle, one that is responsible for mass.

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Semvhu said...

The [supposedly] largest experiment ever built by man, and they have it set up such that important portions of the experiment can be hacked via the Internet? Tell me they weren't that stupid.

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One word


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FUCKING HOMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!