Sunday, November 02, 2008

LIVE IN THE UK ? - Your URGENT help can still save Gary from the US Government

If you live in the UK Guys you still have the chance last minute chance to Save Gary
McKinnon, the Ufo hacker wanted by the US government for hacking into NASA:

It looks like the Bush administration is waiting until the elections are over to avoid any further embarssment and media attention the extradition would draw, however gary could still be extradited any day now..

Here;s an extract from his blog:
Gary McKinnon is still in legal limbo, awaiting a possible decision about whether or not a Judicial review will be granted or not, whilst being liable to be arrested and expelled to the the USA at any time, by order of of Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Given the political embarrassment which this case will cause any US Government, it would be surprising if any US or UK bureaucrats make any sort of decision before the US Presidential Election next week, but there are currently no legal barriers to Gary being extradited immediately

Gary McKinnon's Member of Parliament, David Burrowes MP for Enfield, Southgate in London, who is a Conservative front bench spokesman on Justice, has sponsored an Early Day Motion, which you can urge your own Members of Parliament to sign in support of Gary:

So if you live in the UK Click here to read what you can do
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Anonymous said...

I hope gary hangs.
Thank god for justice.
Fuck the hackers, kill em all!!!!!!!

WeBeUFOBelievers said...

I just do not understand some people the comment left by anonymous sickens me the aparent lack of morals is beyond belief there is no need to comment in such a way if you can not comment in a civil manner then perhaps you should not of commented in the first place, anybody with a balanced and fair mind can see that Gary is facing a cruel and unjust punishment for what he supposed to have done.

Anonymous said...

Yep anon #1 comments are puerile but who would try to save him if he hacked into YOUR bank account or if he hacked into YOUR computer?
As for cruel and unjust punishment for what he "supposed" to have done..
A warning to all hackers
If you can't do the time don't do the crime.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the third poster--you just can't go around hacking into any system that you want to. Gary, I'm sure, knew what he was doing and knew the risks associated with it. I agree that 60 years is a little too heavy but anyone that is interested in UFOs knows that the US government WILL NOT be trifled with by any individual and will clean your clock if you mess with them! The first poster doesn't merit mentioning except to say: GROW UP!!

Anonymous said...

We are UFO belivers, and we do not
promote violence or crimes.
Gary committed a crime wich the US
condamn very hardly, in this case
too hard,assuming that he was out
ONLY to collect UFO's infos.
But the time to declassyfing the
US X-files is come, we want to
know all but respecting the laws.
I hope that the new US President
will allow this.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first anon.

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