Friday, November 07, 2008

Mount Adams - Ufos and the web cam mystery

Mount adams in washington is a major Ufo hotspot, think this video is from James Gilland, who owns the major ranch there. I desperately would like to find a live cam of the area - as Ufos are seen every night there it only makes sense that a live cam there would be a great idea. 
Strangely the goverment planned to have a live cam there for the ranger station, however this was scrapped and put off many times times .. when you look at the below video its pretty obvious why i guess:

Mount Adams Trout Lake Ranger Station Webcam  (1900 Apparently, a webcam 

was installed  here in October 1998, but it     was never online at any time since 2000;

 a new webcam was planned     to be installed in 2004, but that did not happen. Source

Here's a link to the only cam  in the area there.

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Anonymous said...

I find this hard to beleive that it is a webcame. Seems awfully shakey to be a webcam

Anonymous said...

Its not supposed to be. Ready more clearly.

l2 said...

if you read carefully, it was never implied this was webcam footage...

nice vid

Anonymous said...

Man.. nice "power-up". Great "power-up".

Anonymous said...


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