Friday, November 07, 2008

FEMA manual reveals Firefighters train for Ufo Attack

I posted about this ages ago here - an American disaster control manual that was once used in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Fire Training Academy Open Learning Program. The 1993 manual is called Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control (2nd ed.). It contains a shocking chapter on how “first responders” should manage incidents involving UFOs:
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Anonymous said...

You can buy this book from amazon, although the ufo stuff only covers 1-2 pages.

Anonymous said...

Its not for UFO attacks, its for mass panic incase a UFO is encountered, you FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lich said...

What is shocking with that? Its not about aliens from other planet but unidentified obiects (unpredictable encounters)

christ said...

Im the one. You all been looking for.

Anonymous said...

In 1952 there was allegedly an UFO attack at the Capitol Building and President Truman had to hold a meeting over it because apparently either the Soviets were spying or Japan was trying to get back at the US for the Atomic Bomb.

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