Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gary McKinnon NASA Ufo hacker updates us on his situation october 31

Gary McKinnon speaks on open the cards October 31 and updates us his current serious situation.
As you may know Gary is now in the final stage of his extradition to the USA for 60 years imprisonment. The claims for his extradition clearly say it is for hacking into NASA -( but i mean what data would NASA have that would be a threat to national security? ) and why is his extradition being taken so seriously by the USA? - when not even terrorists don't have such long sentences. The answer is pretty obvious - its clearly because the building he hacked into at NASA was the processing lab that filtered out Ufo Images - thus the threat to the USA
Also the basis of his extradition was fabricated - extradition has to be grounds of real crimes or serious damage - so the us government conveniently made up a story that he made exactly $5000 damage to each computer he hacked into (but think about it how can using software remotely destroy computer hardware?), so the total damage claims came to like $500000 , enough to convince judges in the UK that the claims were substantial enough to be comitted for under trial($5000 for like every 100 computers he accessed) .. totally bogus claims.

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Anonymous said...

Matt, There is a reason that there is no outrage about any of this--HE HACKED INTO A GOVERNMENT COMPUTER SYSTEM! It doesn't really matter what he says he was looking for, any country in the world would come down on anyone who did this. It's not about UFOs, it's about a guy that infiltrated a US government computer system--and nothing else! If there's ever to be disclosure, this ain't the way to go about it. Just ask Gary! Hell, we all know that the US government is hiding lots and lots of goodies, but if you want to steal that information or obtain it by illegal or improper means, then count me out! I'm quite content to take the testimony of ex-military and intelligence types as my proof for now, along with radar tapes and a very few believable videos and photos and such. If you want to tease the big dog 'til he bites, go ahead!! I want no part of it!!

Anonymous said...

I think the anonymous above is right. Gary committed a crime against NASA.
But 60 years in jail?.....
That's toooooo much!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 60 years is a bit much!

Anonymous said...

That gary guy is a child molester.
I hope he dies from AIDS.

Anonymous said...

If Gary is a child molester,then
he deserves 99 years +1 year
in prison.

WeBeUFOBelievers said...

The first anonymos on here whilst I obviously do not agree with the comment I think that the points raised have been put forward in a reasonable manor the same could be applied to the second and third comments. however as to the fourth.
I just do not understand the person the comment left by anonymous sickens me the aparent lack of morals (unfounded accusation)is beyond belief there is no need to comment in such a way if you can not comment in a civil manner then perhaps you should not have commented in the first place, anybody with a balanced and fair mind can see that Gary is facing a cruel and unjust punishment for what he as supposed to have done.

Anonymous said...

FACT- this alleged "crime" was committed in the UK from a house in Nth London so he should be tried HERE in the UK and not extradited.

FACT - the "plea bargain" offered by the USA was verbal only and never put in writing. He agreed to the plea bargain ONLY if they confirmed it in writing which they failed to do.

FACT - Gary's MP is now tabling Early Day Motion 2388 in Parliament to have the matter discussed in the house and the extradition treaty reconsidered. He has cross-party support.

Please write to YOUR MP and ask them to support Early Day Motion 2388 now!

Ross Hemsworth
Glastonbury Radio

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