Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brief change to site


Cause there is so much content posted on realUfos everyday i am changing the categories to make it easier to search...

'Ufo news' will be for major Ufo news events, like disclosure , major events etc..
'Latest sightings" will be for videos filmed by people and new sightings..
'submit' will shortly have a form to submit your sightings

I am in the process of redesigning the site.. it too cluttered and i want to make it more interactive.. Do you guys have any suggestions on the layout / content?

take care


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Anonymous said...

there should be a way of uploading pics and videos to this site without having to go to utube it would make it alot faster and if there is already away i dont know it.

jimbon said...

hey I have a real great idea. I say that the "ufo news" should always be displayed when this web page first opens, then you can select other options from there. I enjoy being able to see the latest news without clicking anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

First let me say that I think your site is the best site for UFO-related material on the web.

You've gathered so much content now, that a proper layout would come in handy. I think you should at least utilize the full screen width for your layout. (News are kinda cramped into the middle). New posts disappear quite quickly from the main page, so I think the "Latest UFO News"-sidebar should be adjusted to provide a clearer overview of previous posts (at least increased width). Furthermore you have some good links, how about a dedicated page for the links?

I think overall you should just add more space between the elements on your site to promote a more "clear" overview. Also, be true to your color palette. E.g, not like this http://www.havenworks.com/.

Well, that was my opinion.
Keep up the good work and keep reporting UFO-news!! :-)

realufos said...

thanks - yeah the new blog will have widescreen ... waiting on the designer to get back to me .. it way too narrow atm

Anonymous said...

Me and three of my friends saw something truly amazing 4 weeks ago, a huge light appeared on the night sky, it was at a "beach" in norway nearby where i live, it dident stay for long but it was relatively close, this was something very different from the triangle shaped orbs .. it was just one single light but much much bigger, it stood completly still for about 6-7 seconds before it suddenly turned around, and it was quite amazing.. you could actually see the thing turning around before zapping away at incredible speed, kinda hard to explain but it looked bizzare and was extremely intrigueing to watch.. I never thought that i would see something like this in my liftetime atleast not in my own home town in norway haha.. but point is that theres is definetly something going on, since this happened we have seen unexplainable things in the sky nearly every day, I'm going to buy a video camera soon so that i can get some of these things on tape and upload them so i can show you, anayway great site, lots of great vids.. keep it up=)

Anonymous said...

One of the easiest websites to view and read, in my opinion, is the Huffington Post. You could try to use a similar format.

anthony said...

One thing I think you should do is proof read your posts before you submit them. I always see misspelled words and grammatical errors. I'm sure this is because you have to post so much stuff and some things slip past you. I also think there should be more relevant content on the first page by widening the posts, as someone else mentioned. No matter what though, this is by far my favorite site for UFO news etc. I always recommend it to others that haven't seen it. Great job, please keep it coming.

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