Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 27 2009 Orange balls of light ufos spotted over Llandaff Cardiff UK

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Anonymous said...

You have already shown this video :-P

And still everything speaks for chinese lanterns as explanation :-|

Oidentifierat said...

I believe that all this kind of orange balls are UFO balloons. Especially if they move like with the they aren´t so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Chinese lanterns


Anonymous said...

By now these almost daily "groups of floating orange-reddish lights" must be pretty much discredited as UFO observations. Nobody really cares even to watch the videos, since the balloon explanation is all too ready at hand. - Still, one might ask whether people actually do launch these balloons so often and in such numbers, or whether the UFOs have learned a new mode of camouflage. :-)

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