Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Green Ufo pictures - over eaugalle 15th April 2009

A new one submitted by one of our readers from Eaugalle - which i think is in Wisconsin USA ? definitely not one of ours as we don't use 'green navigational lights' . I know ufos were reported over Wisconsin about 2 weeks ago .. if you live in the area & did see this as well please respond to this post.
(remember guys to submit your photos & videos to me if you have any)
Readers comments:
This was seen in eaugalle on 4/15/09 we watched it for 38 minutes,it would turn end for end and spin sideways flashing green red blue purple and white,it was also seen 5/10/09 and 5/24/09 430am

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K said...

Green UFOs? So they are gas/electric hybrids or something?

UFOdc.com said...

Green UFOs landed at the US Capitol Building July 16, 2002*
I have comparative samples which clearly indicate the anomaly (Green UFOs) are real. http://www.UFOdc.com

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