Sunday, May 24, 2009

Worked at NASA ? why now, is an ideal time to come forward on what you know on Ufos:

The public has recently been saturated with ongoing videos and evidence recently linking NASA to numerous Ufo observations. People are looking for answers and so the path for NASA Ufo disclosure has been paved. Infact, i have recently been made aware that over the coming weeks some important people 'in the know' are revealing new evidence of the ongoing NASA Ufo coverup (more on this shortly).

In relation to this upcoming event i have been asked to request to any of our readers that if you have worked at NASA & are aware of the Ufo coverup there that now is a better time than ever to come forward on what you know. Why you may ask? - because others in your situation are doing so at the moment. Its a hot topic and the public are ready for answers. Even president obama is pushing the disclosure envelope with his stance that - 'the culture of secrecy of is now is over' .
Please if you do have any vital information in this regard please get in contact with Paradigm Research Group, the Disclosure Project or Project Camelot - your reports & submissions will be taken discreetly and seriously.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm going to apologize for being snarky right up front,...BUT...
Is this information like the May 25 History Channel thing? Or maybe like the Denver Alien video? No, wait, maybe it's like the psychic chic that predicted that big event...
My point is if disclosure is ever going to happen, we need to STOP grasping at straws...the confidential kind or any other, if we want to be taken seriously.
It would be nice if some NASA folks came forward, but they DO work for the government and I suppose in today's economy they would like to keep those government jobs.

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