Saturday, June 27, 2009

2 bright lights over Nijmegen, The Netherlands 26-06-2009

A new one from yesterday over Nijmegen, The Netherlands:
Above Nijmegen, in the evening between 11 and 12pm to see several orbs. It flew sometimes 10-15 together. There are many people who have seen this. they flew in a low speed open.

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Anonymous said...

Nice chinese lanterns :)

greetje said...

Hebben we ook gezien. Zijn een soort lampionnetjes.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Just this evening, I witnessed some low darker clouds quickly moving in on a hot summers day in Minnesota and then I see a white Orb in the NE sky flying steady from West to East with the clouds. Then a few minutes later, a plane flys seemingly on the same path in the opposite direction but it gives me a gauge to say that the clear white Orb I saw against blue sky in a gap in clouds moving by at a low altitude tells me the White Orb was about double the tube diameter of a plane. Perhaps it was gathering carbon samples in time with the plane exhaust for their trip But a true occurance to today. Great blog you have here. From an ENgineer
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube and DU blog/ning

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