Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's a weird balloon right? São Paulo state 21 june 2009

Ok posted this for discussion purposes - this is a balloon right? Its not a normal ufo according to what we know they look like - but its weird regardless
Any ideas what i could be? comments appreciated?
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Anonymous said...

Looks like Supermans arrived!!

nick dk said...

Birds flying around a balloon.


Anonymous said...

yes to me that looks like a ballon
nothing like the little boy filmed the spiky object. you should post that up and compair the two you will see the little boys video of the spiky object looks alive and pulsates all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Good ole Jaime Maussan loves to pimp these as UFO's or "dragons", I kid you not. He's such a quality journalists, obviously spends plenty of time researching the possibilities before labeling something as unidentified.

Flying Object yes!, unidentified? NO! 5 minutes on google and I was able to identify this object. Its a sola baloon. They are kinda cool really.


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