Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Official Reunion at RAF Bentwaters for all involved in the Rendlesham Forest Incident - 2010

Its hard to believe that almost 30 years have passed since Britian's most astonishing Ufo incident which occurred late on the night of December 26th in 1980 and the days that followed ....Organisers of the 30th anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest Incident are asking for all fellow RAF staff , witnesses and researchers who have had anything to do with the incident back in the 1980's to come to attend the 30 year reunion next year in England.

It will be held at RAF Bentwaters and will aim to help piece together the most complete picture of the incident ever.

Request from organisers:

We are looking for anybody involved in the incident who would like to come over to England or go on tape talking about the incident.

This includes RAF staff, Ufo researchers and witnesses in the area and those who have worked on previous documentaries on the incident

We are for anybody who knows anything about what happened not just the main players, right down to the person who was in the command post on the nights of the events...

We would welcome any help in getting to the bottom of a 30 year mystery.

Were are looking for sponsors to help put this together as well .

Listen to the organisers discuss the reunion event here

One of Great Britain's most significant Military-UFO incidents happened at Rendlesham forest in Suffolk on three consecutive nights in late December 1980. Read more ...

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