Monday, June 22, 2009

Declassified US Military Ufo footage

Just shows you how seriously the US military took Ufos back in the 1950's .. If they knew this much back then - just think about where they are today with their Ufo research ...

This is exactly a movie composed of two stages of the 1952 UFO that were made secret by the U.S. military, whose experts analyzed objects and concluded that the UFO aircraft could not be explained by natural phenomena, balloons, birds or planes possible. The military took very seriously USL these movies. Only later were declassified.

This movie has both, once secret, Utah & Montana films (1952). These films were taken seriously by both the U.S. Air Force and the Navy. The Air Force and the Navy were convinced enough about Newhouse's credibility to spend considerable time and money on the analyzes and the Utah to classify as "Secret." Also noted by the analysts was the absence of any evidence to indicate such as fluttering birds.

Air Force & Navy analysis: Birds and balloons immediately eliminated, within a five mile radius, aircraft could have been easily determined. In excess of five miles the objects were moving faster than aircraft could achieve, except in Straightline speed runs.

At the very least this was a good daylight sighting with two witnesses (one very reputable) and good motion picture footage that neither the Air Force nor the Navy, and others could logically explain. And, surprisingly, an FBI document illustrates the importance of this incident. Also included are the Blue Book documents found in the Project Blue Book Archives
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l2 said...

to owner of this site,

if you haven't already, check:

all asteroids (that explode /burn up in our atmosphere) are now classified Top Secret by the US Military.

Dickos Fortuna said...

12: Nice comment... I'm not the owner of this site, but a regular... But yeah, he did post on this just the other day. Fascinating ain't it!

Dickos Fortuna said...

Hey Matt... Could you gimme more info on this vid? I haven't come across it before. Is it reasonably freshly released? And also (if you know), is it actually an ex-military de-classifed clip? Because it really would be a significant piece of disclosure if so!

Charles said...

Oh my

It's the "Sons of God" or the "Sun Disc of God".

Look everyone it's Jesus and Jesus or SOL and LUNA.

I am so happy this type of footage is declassified, if there could be just more.

If anyone out their hasn't been on a UFO or space ship knowingly and have spoken with what we call Extraterrestrials now, you sure haven't lived your life yet!

You all can speak too them just start talking or praying to the sky.

Remember the "Golden Rule", it's the same in every culture.


Your messenger, shepherd, angel, etc...

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