Saturday, June 27, 2009

Are you a Pilot ? Real Ufos wants to hear your Ufo reports & safety concerns ..

With Ufos increasing their surveillance of our aircraft and airports there is an ever more pressing need to investigate whats going on here (see video below).

In the USA is standard policy that all pilots are discouraged from making ufo reports. Pilots fear losing their jobs if they do and so aircraft - Ufo interactions are often never reported let alone investigated.

Airline companies know the real issue here - its air safety and if you can't guarantee air safety this is a major threat to the airline business in general. People wouldn't fly if they knew the flight they were on could not be guaranteed of a mid air collision or mishap following interaction with a Ufo.

To keep this under the wraps airline companies such as United airlines have strict guidelines for their pilots to ensure that Ufo reports are not made public . I have been made aware of this a few times following emails from pilots who have quoted specifically that their details must remain confidential.
With the new megacraft coming out this year like the Airbus A380 and the Boeing dreamliner some passenger craft can now have over 500 people on board and the risk for a major loss of life now following a Ufo incident is real and possible. Particularly considering the new 'fly by the wire' and computer controlled systems aboard these new aircraft which are highly susceptible to EMF interference.

So safety is a major issue here - for the sake of the lives of thousands of passengers who fly worldwide realufos is calling upon all pilots reading this to come forward with their Ufo reports . This threat needs to be taken seriously by organisations like the FAA and without your credible reports this won't happen.. and lives will remain at risk:

Email me your reports here (your details will remain confidential)

Ufo Hits Into Plane nose:

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