Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crop circle Update July 24 Smeathe's Plantation

A new one Smeathe's Plantation nr Ogbourne Down Gallop, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July.
I really feel like this one is man made -its got that mayan theme - but they are very visually pleasing. Apparently the farmer was shocked when this one appeared as he STATED THAT NO ONE HAS ACCESS TO THIS CROP CIRCLE ON HIS LAND.
Whats your thoughts on this one?
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Hunter said...

if this made by man...amazing but how long did it took them!? beside they have to view it from high! sight. they should make survalance cam one with heat detection!.

Anonymous said...

i do know if you try and put a circle in my crops ill use a scatter gun

markymint said...

What are my thoughts on ALL crop cricles?? Extra terrestrial...question is, why have *you* become so interested in them in the last month or so? This is the first period this year in its entirety that you've actually started including crop circles in daily updates. Was it you or another member here who said they were a load of bull, and that things like web-bots are more worth thinking about? I seem to think it was you... :/

Anonymous said...

This one looks photoshopped. Note how in the center where the reeds should be laying down there are the field lined running through as deeply as they are outside the shape. There are areas of photo tapping. Look at the soft edges and lack of depth. Tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

You must admit,that the "inconsistences" in the design of this crop circle,as pleasing to the eye as it is,IS not what one would have expected, from such an advanced technological entity
such as ETs or what have you.Were is the quality control in this design?? Its a good try! but
not helpful to the "cause" of REAL Crop Circles, that are created by nonhuman entities.THAT's
where the real interest lies, for the obvious reasons..WE ARE NOT ALONE!..Anything else,is just overgrown child's play!!..This needs to be viewed more seriously, before the truth behind this, is lost completely,to skepticism, if its not already,too late...................

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