Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Longest Solar Eclipse of The 21st Century July 22, 2009

Videos of the recent total Solar Eclipse filmed today in asia July 22, 2009
Did you see it - what was it like ?- realufos wants to know, please respod to this post.

new report and long videos:
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Anonymous said...

I think there may be a UFO in the first clip, please check it out. At 3 minutes 58 seconds you will see something pass by incredibly quick. If you pause it you will see a faint blob come by. The only way you can really see it is for a brief second when moving. Remember the camera is zoomed in very far on the planet. So I cannot see how this could be a bird at that height.

Anonymous said...

that second clip the camera zooms in at the end towards those people on the path and it's strange but one of them look just like the grays. Can you confirm this, perhaps zoom in further on the video. It definitely looks like an alien to me.

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