Tuesday, July 21, 2009

UFO Hypotheses - S4 Informers

Robert dean is not my favorite person in ufology - infact i question his motives - but overall this documentary contains the first ever wide release of the Connor O'Ryan testimony, detailing the specifics of the above top secret laboratory installation within Area 51 known as S-4:

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Anonymous said...

Matt: That's a private video, i can't access it.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dean is indeed a curious character. He's well spoken, obviously intelligent, but seems to buy into a lot of hoaxing simply on a premise of "Well, I wouldn't be surprised". When did he ever provide any evidence of anything? It's just talk. He may be a disinformant planted to confuse the issue, or just dotty.

markymint said...

Very good report :) I just want to sit on this guy and ride him like that Turtle in Finding Nemo!!! :P

Endrid.D.Cold said...

I've been trying to expose this phony media urchin for yrs. Until now, it's been resisted by those who fall for his flights in fantasia.
Robert Dean follows the documentary producers like a sleazy ambulance chasing lawyer, begging for a spot to woo & wow with his phony gibberish and octogenarian charm. He also claims to have a level of security clearance that does not even exist (of this fact, I am quite certain because as a programmer of the T.I. signal scramming unit in the crypto-commo gear [sandwich], I had to earn a top secret clearance).
This quasi-official cremudgeon claims that there are 67 clearances ABOVE TOP SECRET! That is preposterous - The clearances above T.S. are, for the most part, designed for inter-departmentalized purposes. Having said that, there ARE subcategories such as 'eyes only' or 'presidential'(which has nothing to do with the president)but that was born from the departmental and service branch competition. The only thing more important than keeping secrets from the public is keeping secrets from each other - secrets that Robert Dean was NEVER privy to. He once stated that aliens have been on Earth for 17 billion yrs! This means that aliens have been here for 13 billion yrs longer than the Earth has been here. That's just the tip of the iceberg, I could go on and on about this idiot...actually, I have gone on and on about this idiot.
Anyway, if Robert Dean tells you that the sky is blue, it would behoove you to go out and check for yourself because more than likely, it is not.

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