Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New UFO Hunters - Area 52 - Dugway

Remember this airs again on History Tue. Nov. 10
Area 51 is considered the ultimate top secret facility, one that UFO investigators believe houses an extraterrestrial secret. But is there an even more secretive facility?
In Dugway, UT, there is a remote testing facility sometimes referred to as Area 52. UFO watchers in this part of Utah have witnessed strange phenomena at this military site for over 10 years, leading to speculation that much of Area 51s secretive work is now conducted at Area 52.
The team examines video of bizarre beams of light seen shooting up from the area, meets with an astrophysicist who has charted mysterious cosmic rays operating out of Dugway, and analyzes photos that suggest something very strange is taking place.



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baggy said...

I wonder if area 51 and 52 are red herrings . if a ufo can land in its own footprint , why do you need a long runway ? theoretically one could have a one acre site underground to do all the testing and divert all the attention to area 51 and 2 . Just a thought.

Chrisj2110 said...

There is something NOT RIGHT about "Paula", I don't think she is human. Nor do I think that patronising "officer" in the van was human either.

Why cant people here see that they are being "played with. ...mmmm, "Manipulated" it is obvious. (that is if UFO Hunters is real and legitimate) I would like to have seen that "officer" killed, and that "Paula" also destroyed. ... Take of her dark glasses, and she how she/it reacts to the spectrum of our sun!!

Anonymous said...

These "UFO hunters" don't seem that smart. They appear to believe they'll be able to do what Vallee gave up on. He said it's not a system, because if it were we would probably have figured it out. UFOs are not interplanetary or intergalactical, but interdimensional. They can do anything they want, and the world is a stranger place than we are even able to imagine.

Anonymous said...

Baggy you are dumb, they have the long run ways there to test undetectable planes so they we are able to use them to spy. And then we got the alien technology and element 115 and 116 so they we were able to fly such ufo's. the run ways or used to cover up the ufo technology

Anonymous said...

Um baggy they need run ways to fly In there employees everyday there are no roads within 15 to 20 miles of that place and no ones aloud in by car

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