Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ancient Aliens the Visitors

Remember to stay tunned to the history chanel for the latest 2010 Ancient Aliens series.
Here is episode 2 - Ancient Aliens the Visitors:
If ancient aliens visited Earth, who were they, and where did they come from? Possible historic evidence and beliefs are examined around the world. The Dogon people possess knowledge of a galaxy they claim was given to them by a star god named Amma. The Hopi and Zuni people celebrate Kachinas, gods from the sky, whose headdresses and costumes appear to resemble modern helmets and protective clothing. Halfway around the world, Chinese legends tell of the Han leader, Huangdi, arriving on Earth on a flying, yellow dragon. Was this dragon more likely a spacecraft? Ancient astronaut theorists believe that these are far from chance encounters and that extraterrestrials not only interacted with us, but changed the course of human history.

Next on History:
Tuesday, May 04, 2010, 8PM - Episode III: The Mission
Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 8PM - Episode IV: Closer Encounters
Tuesday,May 25, 2010, 8PM - Episode V: The Return

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading an observation by the anthropologist Leakey, about a certain cave (forgotten name) in France, I think. While describing a sculpture of a clay bison, if I recall correctly, he was baffled as to why there were no footprints of the artist/s, only footprints of little children who may have played near the sculpture whilst the adult made it. The question he didn’t ask himself, seeing that it really didn’t make sense, is: where those footprints really children’s’ or in fact alien (of the little grey variety)??
There are lots of archaeological findings that don’t make sense, unless one looks at them in a different light (more encompassing light); something that present-day archaeologists refuse to do, as they are sure that we are the only living creatures in the universe. Now does that make sense?!!!

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