Saturday, May 01, 2010

One in five people believe ET's have already visited earth

Can you believe it? More than 1 billion people believe that “alien beings have come
to Earth and walk amongst us in our communities disguised as us humans", according to reuters Global Poll:

New York, NY- A new Reuters News poll conducted by Ipsos and released today indicates that one in five (20%) of presumably human adults surveyed in 22 countries (representing 75% of the worlds GDP) say they believe that alien beings have come down to earth and walk amongst us in our communities disguised as "us".

In the alternate, the survey of over 23,000 adults-1000+ respondents per country -- shows that 80% indicate they don't believe that disguised aliens walk within our midst.

Those countries with citizens most likely to believe that the disguised visitors are walk and close by are from India (45%) and China (42%). Those countries where inhabitants are least likely to believe that aliens are walking about disguised as humans are from Belgium (8%), Sweden (8%) and the Netherlands (8%).

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Push Back said...

The number is higher then 1 in 5. This what I say and I say it over and over again. Do what ever it takes to bring the alien craft and the aliens out in the open. I mean what ever it takes , do you understand what ever it takes? What ever it takes means what ever it takes !!! For those of you at the hot spots of the world , take action , if the alien craft and the aliens get close enough , shoot them , do your best to make them come out in the open. This game of hide and go seek makes me very angry. Do not cross me , I will do what ever I can to hurt you , I have had it up to here with this stupid stuff. Come out into the open now!

Anonymous said...

Push Back are playing with FIRE here...Shoot them..are you CRAZY?
No,it is another way ...TALK think we'll understand eachother if we TRY that.

Majestic12 said...

For anyone planning on shooting aliens as the poster above recommends, i should warn you that conventional bullets are useless against them. Fortunately i have invented a special weapon i call a 'Ray Gun' which can penetrate the aliens super powerful invisible space armour. email me at [email protected] to get your special alien Ray Gun. Special Ray Gun 'Bazookas' can also be acquired for shooting down the alien craft.

Anonymous said...

I think ET's just crossed you off his list matey.

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