Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 Crop Circle Tour

Late July is the peak time for the 2010 Crop circle season!

I would love to check out the circles this year and am considering going with Dr Hein's expert group in July .... especially as Colin Andrews will be part of the group!

Here's a little promo about his July tour is anyone else is interested:

For years, we've been baffled by weird and anomalous energies in and around crop circles, perplexed by their strange effects on our equipment, batteries, and cameras. Now we've assembled a crack team of scientists, researchers, and local experts to help us penetrate into the heart of the mystery and discover the truth behind the crop circle enigma in the beautiful English countryside.
We're going to uncover the secrets "they" don't want you to know..

Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to join some of the world's leading experts including Colin Andrews, one of the best known crop circle researchers, author, film consultant, and former Queen's advisor on crop circles. We will also have Busty TaylorMaria Wheatley, Dr. Synthia Andrews, Joachim Koch, MDDr. Simeon Hein and "special guests" as we search for the source of the crop circles' mysterious energies. Latest Crop Circle Pictures 

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait....looking forward to see the cropcircles this year!

Push Back said...

Who is They? And how do you know They don't want you to know?

markymint said...

Good for US folks, but doesn't cater for European or UK folk particularly well. Should be a great tour though. Guess the rest of us will have to try and bump into them :)

Push Back said...

Does any one think this through? The aliens wait until the crops are just right , with just the right growth at just the right time of the year. It's So Sad that the aliens never learned how to talk or read and wright. So Sad that they are crop smashers.

Push Back said...

Crop Circle . . . For 50,000 dollars we will make your own personal Crop Circle.

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