Friday, April 30, 2010

UFOs near to the"OSTANKINO"TV tower in Moscow

Was it a light, a relfection on the clouds or not - strange triangular lights seen near to the "OSTANKINO" TV tower in Moscow April 30 2010:
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Anonymous said...

Looks like they could be just spotlights from the tower itself, tell you something though if that was the three lights of a triangle shaped spaceship that thing would be huuuge man! As soon as you saw that, youd wanna get the hell out of there,LoL!

nick dk said...


U can easily see a beam of light from the tower below, going up towards the sky, hitting the clouds.

Jeeez.....come on matt!!

Dickos Fortuna said...

lol... yep, must admit spotlights was my first diagnosis. Not the most compelling footage.

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