Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Design help

Just an administrative issue,

With wider youtube videos and the need for an overhall realufos needs some help!

We are looking for a designer who is experienced with customer blogger templates

If so please reply 

P.S - thanks for all your replies - yes i have been trying to overhall the site for the last year but i still havn't been unable to find any designer who can help!! Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

realufos is in need of a major overhaul. A nice, clean, fresh design, with better organised articles including searchable archives and existing footage categorised for easy navigation.

realufo's is a superb website, but at the moment it looks messy, cluttered and unorganised. It would be superb to have a brand new design to bring the site up to date.

Alexander said...

Its easy to fix. When you take embed code, pick the smallest one, Youtube has this opportunity.

How to get a six pack for women fast said...

Its easy you change change the width to 420". But to be honest you would need to take a serious look at your visitors, if you have plenty and you think its time for a change i would recommend hiring a serious webdeveloper to design a kick ass site using wordpress or even sticking with blogger. if i where you i would consider looking into a a social type of site where people can upload their own videos. and you just sit back and admin it, you can find goo and cheap designers from most of the freelance sites. email me at: if u want, id be glad to help.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't help!

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