Monday, October 11, 2010

Ufo light show near college station Texas 10th October

A strange interaction of lights here off the coast near college station (in Texas)
The question being here could these be remote controlled planes or not?

Posters comments:
this happen at 2 am on 10-10-10 in college station, just drinking and stuff then pulled out my phone and got what we could just try to excuse the drunk comentary, pretty crazy

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scooter said...

man i did the same thing we got in my truck and tried to find it but we have some video of it but whats crazy is we saw it at 1:10 am

Anonymous said...

RC craft Look:

Nick DK said...

From the way these things fly, i would say its just some radio controled airplanes with lights on, so u can fly them at night.

Normally u can only fly with them in daylight for obv. reasons.

So take it easy all u nerds out there.
If this was the year 1843 then yes i would be shocked.
But remember we are living in the year 2010 people.

Anonymous said...

@scooter Have you upload the video somewhere?

Anonymous said...

straight up rc which i fly, the moves and size and speed of the moves, look like a carbon copy of these moves my planes pull

Anonymous said...

Listen to these drunk bozos! They are the future of our UFOs or not, we're doomed!

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly RC "kites", which are a little different than standard RC planes, with LED displays (very common for them). There are places where groups of RC kite fliers will compete for both maneuvering and for visual display. The LED lights get REALLY bright and can change the color of the light emitted. Nothing out of the ordinary for today's tech.

Anonymous said...

I'll guess these are students-probably freshmen! What they don't know is we do have a airport and a local aviation club and... the bases nearby fly into here to refuel and practice guess is pilots logging their required hours in

foxy said...

according to the OP of the vid its at collage station texas, looking down graham rd towards welborne rd, and as there is a massive field there. i would say without a shadow of doubt these are rc craft from the way they fly and the location is perfect for rc planes, as thats where i would be.

Anonymous said...

The UFO's where not near the air field they were on the other side of hwy 6 so no where near the air port and why would someone do this on a Saturday night

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